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Finance, Investment
& Insurance


With an attitude of caring partnership among our associates, for our clients and with the communities we serve, we design and implement a full range of insurance, employee benefits, safety and risk management, claims management, wellness and financial service solutions that protect the financial security of businesses and families. As a family enterprise, we naturally put people first. That’s our culture. We pride ourselves on fostering an environment that is supportive, creative and fun. It’s why our associates enjoy a strong bond working together for the benefit of each other, our clients and the communities we serve. The desire to help people is in our collective DNA. We are a vital and growing firm. We enjoy dynamic leadership and a simple management structure that stimulates free-flowing communication, far-reaching vision, ambitious drive and innovation. Vizance maintains its culture of integrity and high excellence through a strong commitment to unwavering values followed since the company’s founding in 1978.

322 N. Broadway, Suite 500
Milwaukee, WI 53202


Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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