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My artwork is the most intimate conversation I have with the world. I work to create visual poems that allow connections in an intellectual experience that is common to us all. Using brushes, and a variety of taping knives, scraping tools and materials, I make both the merest whispers and confident marks on surfaces. My process is fluid, guided by instinct, which is presented by the honesty of the materials within the layers of paint. Line, shape, color, and form inspire and intrigue me. These are details that first drew me to art and have brought me full circle today to my deepest foundations of making. The opportunity to play and create with my inner youthful fervor influenced by my life history. The paintings I create both on my 2D and 3D work are connected, creating dialogs with each other. My desired wish is that they will invite deeper discussions with those that experience my work.

207 E. Buffalo St., Suite 210
Milwaukee, WI 53202



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