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Awaken your inner strength and reclaim your birthright of pain-free movement and increased vitality. Prana Performance is a Milwaukee Private Training and Therapy Facility (located in the heart of the Third Ward) that utilizes interdisciplinary science-based approaches to help and guide individuals to reach their health and fitness related goals.

Specializing in Functional Movement Training, we recognize our innate biological design as locomotive, bipedal beings equipped to move in multiple planes of motion. Assessment of your static and dynamic posture allows us to carefully tailor an approach that will build efficient movement patterns and promote healthy structural adaptation before we introduce multi-planar resistance and dynamic loading. Working with us you can build endurance, strength, and power with respect to your biological design while reducing the risk of injury.

If you’re a regular training client or seeking healing and recovery services, we offer Thai Bodywork, Dry Needling, and Physical Therapy. Our state of the art Therapy Room features an Infrared Sauna, Cold Plunge Tub, Joovv Red Light Panel, and more!

225 E. St Paul Ave, #401
Milwaukee, WI 53202


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