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Hi, I’m Carolyn Wonders. After a long corporate career, I went back to my roots as an artist and found myself buried under the weight of a life built around everything but art.

My journey to become an artist again has affirmed my belief that art is not simply décor…


We need art like we need food. Imagine a world without music, murals, performances, dancing, and films! Art helps us make sense of ourselves and comforts us like a loyal companion. We are  craving the nourishment only art can provide.
Art speaks when words cannot.

Art amplifies authentic voices.

Art heals those who hurt.

Art connects us to community.

To feel connected to a work of art is one of the great human experiences and has the potential to infuse our life with meaning. When you fall in love with a performance, a painting, or a book, it’s often because you recognize yourself, perhaps validating something you couldn’t quite articulate.

Life is short.

Fill your life with things you love, the things that nourish you.

207 E. Buffalo St., #508
Milwaukee, WI 53202


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