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Stephanie Trenchard at Tory Folliard Gallery
Gallery Night and Day
Historic Third Ward Events - 2017
Gallery Night and Day - Official Participants

Gallery Night and Day ~ July 21 & 22, 2017

Join us for Gallery Night and Day, the Midwest's premier art event.

This world-class event features an evening of gallery hopping and art viewing beginning Friday, July 21 and continuing during the day on Saturday, July 22.

This summer, the quarterly event showcases 44 venues throughout the downtown Milwaukee area. Admission is free to all participating venues during event hours listed below.

Download a participant map here.

Plus! Don't miss our annual Plein Air Painting Competition! Artists will be in the neighborhood painting from July 15 through July 21. Then, see finished pieces on display at the HUDSON Business Lounge (310 E Buffalo Street) on Friday, July 21 through Saturday, July 22. Winners will be announced during a special VIP Reception Friday at 6pm (tickets are available here). The Hudson will open to the public at 6:30pm to view and purchase the plein air creations.

Parking, Transportation, and Lodging

Find the best places to park and stay during your Gallery Night and Day experience on our Get Around page.

For Additional Information
Please call the Historic Third Ward Association at 414.273.1173.


The City Center at 735
735 N. Water St. • 414.765.0305 •
Silhouettes at Sunset
Powdery blue chiffon skies embrace the blushing brilliance of an over easy sunrise. Experience the glow of anticipation; tangible as the gripping heat of a summer evening. Explore canvas, couture and the vibrancy of night life like never before.
Friday: 5 to 9pm

David Barnett Gallery
1024 E. State St. (at Prospect Ave.) • 414.271.5058 •
David Barnett: Curated
Exploring the creative catalyst and the process of art making, Curated is a dialogue of the inspirations and aesthetic connections among artists. Featuring work by David Barnett, Ruth Grotenrath, Schomer Lichtner, Dan Muller, Ananda Kesler, Reggie K. Gee, Alayna Rose, among others. Exhibition runs July 21 through October 14, 2017.
Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: 11am to 5pm

Grohmann Museum
1000 N. Broadway • 414.277.2300 •
Artists at Work: The Cedarburg Artists Guild/Art on the Move In collaboration with the Cedarburg Artists Guild/Art on the Move, this exhibition features 42 works by 14 local artists. The Cedarburg Artists Guild was provided the opportunity to create new works – all with a working or industrial theme – specifically for this display. Guild members readily accepted this challenge and have been busy creating paintings, photos, and prints for inclusion. In organizing this exhibition, guild director Susan Steinhafel notes: “We appreciate the opportunity to work with such a wonderful museum and look forward to sharing our versions of Human Industry. Artists at Work should be a diverse and fascinating representation of the Cedarburg Artists Guild/Art on the Move. Exhibition runs May 19 through August 20, 2017.

Meet the Artists: July 21, 5-9pm.
Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: noon to 6pm

Historic Milwaukee, Inc.
235 E. Michigan St. • 414.277.7795 •
Paper Pleasers by Ellen Albertson
Ellen Albertson, owner of local business, Paper Pleasers, is a designer and maker of home goods, art, décor and custom stationery. Using primarily paper and reclaimed wood with her keen eye for rustic and modern design, Ellen creates memorable gifts that bring a little local charm and delight. Exhibition runs July 21 through August 20, 2017.
Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: 9am to noon

Milwaukee Street Barbershop
715 N. Milwaukee St. • 414.585.0377 •
Gregg Fuhrman Photography
The Milwaukee Street Barbershop is proud to present local photographer Gregg Fuhrman. Visit Milwaukee through the eyes of his camera and enjoy the beauty our city has to offer.
Friday: 5 to 9pm

Milwaukee LGBT Community Center
1110 N. Market St., 2nd Floor • 414.271.2656 •
Explorations in Identity and Nature
Photographer Jamie Roberge returns with a continuation of her original photographic essay, “Kingstress: The Continuation” explores A Love’s Journey to NYC and their life in a new city. “On and In The Water” is a series of work by Daniel Stauff and Bridget Lyle Wolf featuring ships and seafood.
Friday: 5 to 8pm

Pfister - Artist in Residence
424 E. Wisconsin Ave. • 414.273.8222 •
Visit Pfister Artist in Residence, Margaret Muza in her studio from 5pm-9pm and pose for a 5x7 tintype photograph. Watch as she processes it right in front of your eyes with a process dating back to the mid-1800s. Guests will receive 10% off portrait purchases that evening, From 9-11pm, join Margaret in the Rouge Ballroom for light snacks and a cash bar, and live music by King Courteen.
Friday: 5 to 11pm, Saturday: throughout the day

Village Church Arts Gallery
130 E. Juneau Ave. • 414.273.7617 •
MADAGASCAR: Sights & Sounds of a Magical Place, its People, & those cute Lemurs: Photography, video, and sound recordings. Summer BBQ appetizers & live music by Trio de Janiero. Exhibition runs July 21 through August 5, 2017.
Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: 1 to 3pm


Art Upstairs Studio Gallery
207 E. Buffalo St., Suite 202 • 414.403.0422
We Figured It Out
We welcome Eye to Hand drawing group. Twelve artists who face the challenge of denoting a three dimensional human figure on a two dimensional surface. Also: watercolors by Lois Buley Wirth. Exhibition runs July 21 through September 1, 2017.
Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: noon to 4pm

ACLU of Wisconsin
207 E. Buffalo St., Suite 325 • 414.272.4032 •
The American Dream: Art by and for Immigrants
The ACLU of Wisconsin is proud to present a collection of art & poetry displaying the talents of immigrants, refugees, and their community allies.
Friday: 5 to 10pm

Broadway Paper
191 N. Broadway • 414.277.7699 •
Jeff Trendel
Jeff Trendel is making his annual appearance this summer at Broadway Paper. Trendel is part of a new trend of environmentally conscious artists sometimes referred to as eco-artists. All the wood used in his woodturnings is cut in urban areas under permit from the local municipalities of the Florida Keys. This is done with no damage to the fragile ecosystem of the Florida Keys. His eco-friendly bowls and vessels are made with rare tropical wood such as Cuban Mahogany, Red Mahoe, Jamaica Dogwood, Bustic, Mastic, Buttonwood, Womans Tongue, Wild Tamarind and many others from south Florida.
Friday: 11am to 9pm, Saturday: 10am to 5pm

207 E. Buffalo Street, #604 • 414.455.8250
Gorgeous colors meet beautiful forms in rare mineral specimens from around the world. Knowledgeable and helpful experts will be available during the show and by appointment.
Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: 10am to 4pm

Cornerstone Realtors
153 N. Milwaukee St. • 414.213.5055 •
Ray Kapfamer, Madeleine Lyon, George Gaspar
MIAD graduate Ray Kapfamer explores new compositions of torched wood contrasting with chaotic color. Syracuse University School of Fashion Design graduate Madeleine Lyon focuses on sustainable and renewable practices in her collection comprised of recycled fabrics and organic hemp silks created through a process of deconstruction, manipulation, and reconstruction. Cleverly imagined and skillfully created, George Gaspar’s alluring sculptures capture the dynamic contrast and textures of the world around him.
Friday: 5 to 9pm

222 E. Erie St. • 414.291.4050 •
Proudly featuring original artwork from a variety of local students. Scintillating textures and comprehensive studies of light, color, and pattern that bring a fresh perspective to our store and its coworkers! Open 7 days a week; stop in anytime for all your printing needs.
Friday: noon to 11pm, Saturday: noon to 6pm

Digital Measures
301 N. Broadway, Floor Four (Entrance on Buffalo St.) • 262.271.3965
Eyes Without Speaking
A new contemplative portrait photography project by Tim Keane. (After St. Jerome: “The face is the mirror of the soul and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.”) Printed works and artist proof books.
Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: 10am to 2pm

441 E. Erie Street • 414.810.8302 •
Lady Business
Brought to you by the Mandel Group, Inc. - an all-women’s art exhibition of local creative professionals, including paintings, photography, jewelry, and fashion. Reception and display hosted at DoMUS, an elegant building featuring 132 premier apartment homes in the Historic Third Ward.
Friday: 6 to 9pm, Saturday: 10am to 5pm

Frank Juarez Gallery
207 E. Buffalo St., #600 • 920.559.7181 •
Street Artists of Milwaukee. Co-curated by Frank Juarez and Stacey Williams-Ng
This exhibition will feature the works of artists who have participated in Black Cat Alley, the Bay View Street Canvas Project, and other public art installations around the city of Milwaukee. One artist will produce an on-site mural at the gallery. Exhibition runs June 24 through August 5, 2017.
Friday: 6 to 9pm, Saturday: 11am to 4pm

Gallery 218
207 E. Buffalo St., Suite 218 • 414.643.1732 •
27th Anniversary and Abstract Monoprints
Celebrating our 27th year! Artist-run space in MKE showcases contemporary abstract works in all media inspired by natural elements. Artists: Judith Hooks, Bernie Newman, Joann O’Hare, Martha Coaty, Jamie Jorndt, and more. Also “Abstract Monoprints” juried show. Live jazz by Keith Watling, cash bar, appetizers. Artist applications reviewed every Saturday 1-5pm or by appointment. Exhibition runs July 21 through September 1, 2017.
Friday: 5 to 10pm, Saturday: noon to 5pm

Hoffman York
200 N. Water Street • 414.225.9578 •
Urban Art
Art all around us in the city is on display in this unique exposition. This urban art show highlights a variety of artists and genres, including abstract glass art, typography, handset type/letter press printing, tattoo art, and Instagram photography. There will be a break¬dancing performance at 6:30 and 8pm.
Friday: 5 to 9pm

Hudson Business Lounge
310 E. Buffalo St. • 414.220.9460 •
Plein Air Painting Competition
Finished pieces from the Third Ward Plein Air Painting Competition will be on display at the HUDSON Business Lounge on Friday, July 21 through Saturday, July 22. Winners will be announced during a special VIP Reception Friday at 6pm (tickets are available here). The Hudson will open to the public at 6:30pm to view and purchase the plein air creations.
Friday VIP Reception: 5 to 6:30pm; Open to public 6:30 to 9pm, Saturday: noon to 4pm

Lily Pad Gallery West
215 N Broadway • 414.509.5756 •
Lily Pad West provides the finest quality realism, naturalism, impressionism, and abstract works of art. With over 115 works of art from 45 distinct artists, the gallery brings quality art from modern contemporary to art reminiscent of 19th century French and Dutch Masters. An artist reception and demonstration will be held Saturday from 2pm until 3:30pm.

Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: 11:30am to 5pm

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
273 E. Erie St. • 414.847.3200 •
Inside Job
Inside Job is a unique alumni exhibition that features former MIAD Gallery Staff, focusing on how their current creative work was influenced by that experience. Exhibition runs July 20 through September 30, 2017.
2017 MIAD Juried Senior Exhibition
2017 MIAD Juried Senior Exhibition is an annual exhibit featuring some of the best works of the Senior Exhibition. Exhibition runs June 3 through July 28, 2017.
Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: 10am to 5pm

OIL, a city gallery
207 E. Buffalo St. • 414.588.6823 •
Urban + Agrarian Landscapes
Contemporary gallery with new works created and displayed every Wednesday through Friday 3 to 6:30pm, Saturday noon to 5pm, and by appointment. Featuring Hal Koenig’s urban and landscape canvases. And guest artist Richard W. Patt’s agrarian landscapes. Exhibition is ongoing.
Friday: 3 to 9pm, Saturday: noon to 4pm

Portrait Society Gallery
207 E. Buffalo St., 5th Floor • 414.870.9930 •
Now Figuration
Now Figuration is Portrait Society’s robust summer exhibition, bringing together PSG gallery artists with recent grads exploring contemporary notions of figuration. Even nationally-known artist Eric Fischl joins the conversation. Where is figuration headed today? Artists include: Tom Berenz, Lois Bielefeld, Skully Gustafson, Rafael Salas, Della Wells, Dominic Chambers, Ariana Vaeth, Jerry Jordan, CJ Pyle, Romano Johnson, Jacob Salzer, Cameron Bliss, J. Shimon. Exhibition runs through September 8, 2017.
Friday: 6 to 9pm, Saturday: 11am to 5pm

The Renaissance Building
309 N. Water St., Lobby Level • 414.303.9389 •
Emmett Johns ~ Recent Work

Whether landscape, abstract or figurative, the common thread of color, depth and gesture weave through the paintings by Emmett Johns. A Midwest native, the artist divides his time between Fish Creek, WI and Albuquerque, NM. Exhibit curated by Catherine Davidson of CR Davidson Art. Exhibition runs July 21 through October 13, 2017.
Friday: 5 to 8pm

Sadler Gallery
207 E. Buffalo St., Suite 200 • 414.278.1395 •
Sasha Kinens

Gallery Night and Day the Sadler Gallery will feature the paintings of Sasha Kinens. An accomplished and mature artist her work centers on the female figure. Her paintings are highly atmospheric with a sense of mystery. They have broad appeal as they are representational but also display virtuosity in design and color nuance.
Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: 11am to 3pm

SplashStudio: a painting bar
184 N. Broadway • 414.882.7621 •
On July 21st, Splash Studio: a painting bar will debut its newest exhibition, Dualities. The show highlights the opposition or contrast of two concepts or aspects. Our talented team of Milwaukee artists will showcase their own interpretations of this idea on two pairing pieces. Stop in between 5pm and 9pm for drink specials and #beerandpaint. Exhibition runs July 21 through October 1, 2017.
Friday: 5 to 9pm

Tory Folliard Gallery
233 N. Milwaukee St. • 414.273.7311 •
The Salon Show
The Salon Show is the biggest exhibition of the year at the Tory Folliard Gallery, showcasing painting, sculpture, and photography. The exhibiting artists include Rodger Bechtold, Mary Bero, Craig Blietz, Mark Brautigam, Derrick Buisch, Jessica Calderwood, Mark Chatterley, Robert Cocke, Marion Coffey, Terrence Coffman, Laura Dronzek, Andy Fletcher, Mark Forth, Ben Grant, Harold Gregor, Gerit Grimm, Doug Hatch, Kathy Hofmann, Ron Isaacs, Keith Jacobshagen, Mary Jones, Clare Malloy, Nancy Mladenoff, Mark Mulhern, Charles Munch, Katie Musolff, Dennis Nechvatal, William Nichols, Michael Noland, Melanie Parke, Bill Reid, Jason Rohlf, Jan Serr, Elizabeth Shreve, Brooke Slane, Trina May Smith, Claire Stigliani, Fred Stonehouse, Paula Swaydan Grebel, Richard Taylor, Stephanie Trenchard, Tom Uttech, and Mary Alice Wimmer. Exhibition runs July 7 through September 9, 2017. Artists’ Reception: July 21, 5 to 9pm, Artist Talks: July 22, starting at 4pm.
Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: 11am to 5pm


The Alice Wilds
900 S. 5th St., Ste. 102 •
Shane Walsh: Xpressor
Shane Walsh’s paintings are the result of his involvement with collage, both in a literal sense and as a conceptual framework for understanding the legacy of abstraction. Xpressor, The Alice Wilds’ first solo exhibition, works by Shane Walsh, features large-scale compositions that begin as small-scale collages constructed from photocopies. Using the collage as a source material, a storehouse of moments from which to cut, copy, and paste, Walsh re-constructs these images of abstraction into his current time and place. Exhibition runs July 21 through September 3, 2017.
Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: 11am to 5pm

Arts @ Large
908 S. 5th St. • 414.763.7379 •
Peacemakers: Local & Global
This exhibition features student artwork, reflections, and research around topics of local and global leadership, developing one’s identity, and exploring characteristics of successful people. Featured work includes artwork from the Serve2Unite Student Leadership Chapters, and student-created museums from multiple Milwaukee Public Schools. Exhibition runs July 21 through October 6, 2017.
Friday: 5 to 8pm, Saturday: noon to 4pm

Great Lakes Distillery
616 W. Virginia St. • 414.431.8683
Sara Bott Mixed Media
Mixed media artist Sara Bott combines a wide range of materials to create inspiring and colorful pieces ranging from tiny sculptures to large scale collages on canvas. Somehow, even her black and white line drawings shimmer just as vividly.
Friday: 5pm to midnight, Saturday: 5pm to midnight

Grove Gallery
832 S. 5th St. • 414.520.3891 •
“Final-Final” Paintings by Jim Finnerty
Jim Finnerty began painting after being diagnosed with PTSD. Using acrylic paints and palette knife, rag and sponge, Jim’s abstract style became award-winning. With “Year of the Monkey” – reflecting the Saigon crisis – taking second place in the National Veterans Arts Competition. Exhibition runs July 21 through September 22, 2017.
Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: noon to 5pm

Harley-Davidson Museum
400 W. Canal St. • 414.287.2789 •
The Race of Gentlemen: Special Exhibit
The H-D Museum™ is proud to bring together the vehicles, artistry and personalities that make up The Race of Gentlemen for its special exhibit. In addition to displaying portraits, bikes and roadsters pulled from past races, The Race of Gentlemen exhibit will reveal the passion and devotion TROG compatriots bring to this sandy spectacle. Free admission 5-9 p.m. on Friday; regular admission applies on Saturday. Exhibition runs June 16 through September 4, 2017.
Friday: 5 to 9pm

The Iron Horse Hotel
500 W. Florida St. • 414.374.4766 •
Brandi Kupsky
My interest in art and design began to show at a very young age. With a strong imagination and appreciation for the intricate designs of nature, I spent much of my time exploring and creating. Though life has revealed many other interests and experiences along the way, in my core, not much has changed. Hardly a day will pass where I’m not sketching a new idea, creating it, or stopping to take a picture of the incredible world that surrounds us. I find beauty in design and find design in everything. Because of this, I’m not dedicated to any specific medium, but more so to discovering a process for creating whatever the current most burning idea may be. After many years of living the suspicion “there must be a higher purpose for me,” I finally realize that purpose is, and always has been, to create the ideas gifted to me to share them with you. -Brandilynn Kupsky
Friday: 5 to 10pm, Saturday: 10am to 4pm

Scathain LLC
422 S. 4th St. • 414.988.4031 •
Three artists are on display, with tours of the building provided by Scathain. Carlos Schmitt’s artwork explores time and space in a physical allegory. Eli Rosenblatt examines our American political frontier, and John Chirillo engages new American techniques in layer painting and dry painting.
Friday: 5 to 10pm

Walker’s Point Center for the Arts
839 S. 5th St. • 414.672.2787 •
United Through Art – 2017 Youth Art Exhibition
Featuring artwork from our Summer Art Camp students in ceramics, printmaking, fiber art and Latin dance, our annual youth art show presents the extraordinary creativity of kids. This year’s theme, United Through Art, represents the unifying power that art provides to all! Exhibition runs July 21 through August 19.
Featured Member Exhibition: PJ Boylan
Photographs worthy of a National Geographic cover from one of the best Milwaukee photographers. Exhibition runs July 21 through October 7, 2017.
Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: Noon-5pm



Artists Working in Education
4315 W. Vliet St. • 414.933.3877 •
AWE will feature the professional work of their teaching artists. AWE pairs artists with youth to activate public spaces with art making. Learn more about AWE, and get to know some of the artists doing this important work in Milwaukee.
Friday: 6 to 9pm

Gallery @ The Blue
310 W. Wisconsin Ave. • 414.273.5500
CoPA @ The Blue
The Blue welcomes CoPA back again to exhibit their exquisite landscapes, abstracts, portraits, and more. Exhibition runs June 12 through August 4, 2017.
Friday: 5 to 9pm
Artist’s Reception: 6 to 8pm

MobileDesign Box
753 North 27th St. •
Preserve, Reclaim & Re-Create
The MDB exhibit centers around the recent studio work investigating building reuse of existing building fabric with Matt Jarosz’s Historic Preservation Studio at UWM. Professor Jarosz will also be exhibiting his posters of the Most Endangered Buildings. WasteCap WI will be exhibiting their “upcycled” reclaimed building components, in conjunction with Fresh Perspectives Artist Group that utilize their reclaimed components in their art. Exhibition runs June 16 through October 15, 2017.
Friday: 5 to 9pm; Saturday: 10am to 4pm

MOWA on the Lake
1800 N. Prospect Ave. • 414.272.2022 •
Paul Hammersmith: Shorelines and Waterways
Widely hailed as one of Milwaukee’s finest artists at the turn of the century, Paul Hammersmith (1857-1937) was originally trained as a watchmaker and engraver, then turned his skill for fine detail toward printmaking. Self-taught as an artist, he always carried a sketchbook. Fascinated by boats and water, he spent many hours sketching on Jones Island and the Milwaukee shoreline. His sensitive, romantic etchings depict his experiences and surroundings in Milwaukee in addition to the many trips he took abroad with his wife and family. Exhibition runs May 25 through August 20, 2017.

Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: 10am to 5pm

RedLine Milwaukee
1422 N. 4th St. • 414.491.9088 • redlineartmke.orgTIMELINE 2017
Join us for the exclusive premiere of our annual RedLine AiR Timeline exhibition. The show is a reflection highlighting the past year’s work of our twelve incredible artists in residence. For the first time ever, the show will include our outstanding Redline mentors! Exhibition runs July 21 – September 2, 2017.
Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: 10am-3pm

Sander’s Superbowl
3827 W. Vliet St. • 414.933.2022 • nearwestsidemke.orgPins and Paint
Near West Side Partners and Fresh Perspective Artist Collective is proud to present Pins and Paint. This gallery will pay homage to Milwaukee, the bowling capital of America. Join us for a night of art while playing a game of tenpin.
Friday:5 to 9pm, Saturday: noon to 4pm

Washington Park Urban Ecology Center
1859 N. 40th St. • 414.344.5460 •

Art and Environment
Home to the Neighborhood Environmental Education Project, the Washington Park Urban Ecology Center will open its doors to showcase a variety of artists inspired by education and the environment.
Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: noon to 4pm

Woodwalk Gallery @ Angela Westmore Design Build
1422 E. Albion Street, 2nd Floor • 262.227.9711 •
“Kaleidoscope” features a vibrant selection of Wisconsin and regional artists brought together to deliver an eyeful of color, texture, and breathtaking fine art. Woodwalk Gallery is a premier gallery in Door County collaborating with Angela Westmore Design Build in their historic East Side location.
Friday: 5 to 9pm, Saturday: 10am to 3pm




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