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Broadway Flowers - by Kristin Amenson
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Elaine Erickson Gallery

207 E. Buffalo St., Milwaukee, WI 53202
Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11am - 5pm; Saturday 10:30am - 5pm

The gallery focuses on contemporary paintings, works on paper and sculpture. Both abstract and representational works are featured, as well as surrealism. Featured artists include well-established artists along with emerging regional and national talents.
Elaine Erickson Gallery Exhibit
Exhibit Dates

Ruth Grotenrath & Friends

Schomer Lichtner, Santos Zingale, Joseph Friebert, Betsy Ritz, Carol Rowan, Ida Ozonoff and Alfred Sessler

Exhibition runs September 13 through October 10, 2014

Katie Gingrass Gallery

207 E. Buffalo St., Milwaukee, WI 53202
Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 11am - 3pm

Contemporary art and fine craft gallery founded in 1980. The Gallery hosts exceptional exhibitions of lithographs, paintings, pastels and the fine craft of regionally and nationally recognized artists.

Katie Gingrass Gallery Exhibit
Exhibit Dates

Gesture: Easy Living, Figurative

Kerry Cesper, Jody dePew McLeane

Exhibition runs July through September 2014

Industrial Interiors

Chip Giankos, David Shaefer, Suzanne Donazetti, Linda Leviton, Colin Donnelly, Tom Galbraith, Eric Bladholm, and Jack and Alice McLean.

Exhibition runs October through December 2014

273 E. Erie St., Milwaukee, WI 53202
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm

MIAD is Wisconsin's only fully-accredited, nonprofit, independent college of art and design granting the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

MIAD Gallery Exhibit
Exhibit Dates

MIAD Faculty Exhibition

Featuring the innovative work of MIAD's talented and diverse art and design faculty. This biannual exhibition has long been a favorite of audiences in the MIAD and Milwaukee communities.

Exhibition runs August 19 through October 4, 2014 in the Frederick Layton Gallery.

From Here to There to Here

Led by distinguished faculty members Kim Miller and Jason S. Yi, students exhibit their work created and inspired from their participation in the Thailand International Study Abroad Program.

Exhibition runs September 4 through October 3, 2014 in the East Gallery and River Level Gallery.

Re-Imaging - Re-Imaging

This innovative and interactive exhibition is curated by MIAD students, and displays 18 artifacts from MIAD's design collection, with each curator choosing three items. Visitors to the exhibit are encouraged to respond to these objects, through writing, renderings, by creating new works of art or design, and more.

Exhibition runs September 23, 2014through February 14, 2015 in the Brooks Stevens Gallery of Industrial Design.

Vital Technology

a duo exhibition with Milwaukee-based artists Bryan Cera and Nathaniel Stern, uses digital media to invite an exploration of movement as thinking and feeling.

Exhibition runs October 17 through December 6, 2014 in the Frederick Layton Gallery.



207 E. Buffalo St., Lobby, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm

Reserved parking by appointment.

Timothy Cobb Fine Arts was established in 1998, in the long-standing Cobb Family tradition of purveying fine paintings.

Timothy Cobb Fine Arts Exhibit
Exhibit Dates

Brush Strokes for Homeless Folks: A fundraiser for the Guest House of Milwaukee

By donating a dollar or more, make your brushstroke on the canvas and watch the painting emerge over two weeksAs the public makes donations and brushstrokes, they can place a bid to buy the finished work.

The painting was drawn in by Oliver Benson on a 6'x4' canvas donated by Steve Kaishian of Infrastructure Canvas.  Five people showing racial diversity are holding up children, our future and symbols of hope.  They are "keeping their heads above water" (Lake Michigan) delighting in humanity, floating on a painter's palette- the raft of life, guided by the paint brush, both oar and rudder.  The lighthouse represents clearly seeing the way of generosity toward all (lending a hand while painting your stroke) and is an icon for recovering addicts and alcoholics.  The two outer figures are holding paint brushes, having painted in the clouds on which the cherub-children play.


Fundraiser through October 25, 2014

Canvas and Stone: Sensual Symbiosis in Space and Time 

Oil Paintings of Patricia Frederick.  Marble and Limestone Sculptures of Susan Falkman.  Sensual linkes flow through color and stone in this unique exhibition pairing the beautiful works by two extraordinary artists whose vision and expression intertwine from wall to pedestal.  Dancing and singing, the interplay of form and light bring to life the realization of the inner voice.  This is an exceptionally gorgeous show not to be missed.

Exhibition through September 6, 2014



233 N. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee, WI 53202
Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11am-5pm; Saturday 11am-4pm

Established in 1988, the Tory Folliard Gallery is Wisconsin’s leading gallery in contemporary art. The gallery specializes in the exhibit and sale of emerging and established artist with an emphasis on Midwest artists. Our mission is to provide museum-quality art to our clients.

Tory Folliard Gallery Exhibit
Exhibit Dates

Cathy Martin: This and That

Gallery favorite Cathy Martin returns to the East Gallery for her fourth solo show. A long time farmer in Southwest Wisconsin, Cathy Martin is a self-taught painter who is a master of observation with a command of realism.


Exhibition runs September 12 through October 11, 2014

Nathaniel Stern: Rippling Images

In his unique and now well-known printmaking process, Nathaniel Stern straps a desktop scanner, laptop and custom-made battery pack to his body, and performs images into existence. For the latest in his series, Stern has worked with a team at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to design and construct a custom, open-source, depth-rated waterproof rig, so as to scuba while scanning sub-aqueous terrain – including a live coral reef on the Gulf Coast.

Exhibition runs October 17 through November 15, 2014

Mary Alice Wimmer: Earthly Delights

Mary Alice Wimmer continues to enchant the viewer with her Vanitas compositions of specimens from earth, sky, and sea.  Long captivated by the natural world, Wimmer an avid traveler and collector, paints vibrant, highly detailed watercolors that convey the transient nature of life.  Also a skilled silverpoint artist, new drawings using this early Renaissance technique will be included in this exhibition.


Exhibition runs October 17 through November 15, 2014

Nancy Mladenoff: The Ladies 2

Through her colorful series The Ladies, Nancy Mladenoff explores the lives of American women who have found significant roles beyond that of wife and mother.  Often unknowingly acting as mentors for other women, the heroes depicted in The Ladies are from all walks of life:  science, the arts, sports and more.  Mladenoff earned her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and teaches painting at the University of Wisconsin.  She has exhibited her work internationally, and The Ladies were included in the 2014 Wisconsin Triennial. The Ladies 2 is her first solo exhibition with Tory Folliard Gallery.

Exhibition runs October 17 through November 15, 2014

Tom Uttech: New Paintings

Wisconsin native Tom Uttech returns for his ninth solo exhibition at the Tory Folliard Gallery.  During his trips to the Boundary Waters between northern Minnesota and Wisconsin and the Quetico Provincial Park in Canada, Uttech gathers experiences and memories to fuel his new paintings. Mythic, atmospheric, and astoundingly detailed, this new body of work epitomizes his passionate interest in the​ wilderness.


Exhibition runs November 22, 2014 through January 3, 2015

207 E. Buffalo St., Milwaukee, WI 53202

Join the Marshall Building each 3rd Friday of the month as they open their 7 floors of creative studios and offices to the public.  Explore the varied offerings of the local craftspeople, artisans, and creatives during this monthly aesthetic happy hour.

5 to 9pm each 3rd Friday (September 19, October 17, November 21 and December 19, 2014)







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