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Elaine Erickson Gallery

207 E. Buffalo St., Milwaukee, WI 53202
Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11am - 5pm; Saturday 10:30am - 5pm

The gallery focuses on contemporary paintings, works on paper and sculpture. Both abstract and representational works are featured, as well as surrealism. Featured artists include well-established artists along with emerging regional and national talents.
Elaine Erickson Gallery Exhibit
Exhibit Dates

Six Women

Allison B. Cooke, Rebecca Crowell, Kay Knight, Paula Schulze, Stacey Steinberg and Jean White

Exhibition through March 9, 2014

Katie Gingrass Gallery

207 E. Buffalo St., Milwaukee, WI 53202
Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 11am - 3pm

Contemporary art and fine craft gallery founded in 1980. The Gallery hosts exceptional exhibitions of lithographs, paintings, pastels and the fine craft of regionally and nationally recognized artists.

Katie Gingrass Gallery Exhibit
Exhibit Dates

focus on fiber

Presents a group show of nationally renowned fiber artists including: Martha Fieber, Sue Benner, Tim Harding, Sonji Hunt, Laura Foster Nicholson, Missy Stevens, Joh Ricci, Joanne Russo, Laura Breitman, and Liz Whitney Quisgard.

Exhibition through February 28, 2014


NCECA Ceramics Exhibition

RIT Alumni Invitational

Exhibition runs March 14-29, 2014

From Heaven to Earth - Ceramics Show

Curtis Benzle, Bennet Bean, Melissa Greene, Jef Raasch, Margaret Haydon, Natalie Blake, Michael Ware, Chuck Solberg, and James Aarons.

Exhibition runs March 25 through June 2014

Gesture: Easy Living, Figurative

Kerry Cesper, Jody dePew McLeane

Exhibition runs July through September 2014

Industrial Interiors

Chip Giankos, David Shaefer, Suzanne Donazetti, Linda Leviton, Colin Donnelly, Tom Galbraith, Eric Bladholm, and Jack and Alice McLean.

Exhibition runs October through December 2014

273 E. Erie St., Milwaukee, WI 53202
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm

MIAD is Wisconsin's only fully-accredited, nonprofit, independent college of art and design granting the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

MIAD Gallery Exhibit
Exhibit Dates

First Person: Contemporary Cuban Art

First Person brings together a diverse group of Cuban-born artists re-imagining  history through their independent artistic, political and personal points of view.  Works in a variety of media including video, installation, sculpture, photography and painting.

Exhibition through February 15, 2014

It's a Major Deal!

Juried works by sophomores and juniors from all of MIAD's 11 majors.

Exhibition runs January 30 through March 1, 2014

NCECA National Juried Student Exhibition

In conjunction with the upcoming NCECA national conference in Milwaukee, the NCECA National Student Juried Exhibition has quickly become on of the premier exhibitions of ceramic work in the United States.  The 5th annual NSJE features 59 works by 57 artists representing 39 schools. 

Exhibition runs March 4-22, 2014

Foundations Juried Exhibition

Opening Reception: April 8

Fourth Floor Gallery

Exhibition runs April 7-27, 2014

MIAD 2014 Senior Exhibition

All MIAD Galleries

Exhibition runs April 18 through May 10, 2014



207 E. Buffalo St., Lobby, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm

Reserved parking by appointment.

Timothy Cobb Fine Arts was established in 1998, in the long-standing Cobb Family tradition of purveying fine paintings.

Timothy Cobb Fine Arts Exhibit
Exhibit Dates

Canvas and Stone: Sensual Symbiosis in Space and Time 

Oil Paintings of Patricia Frederick.  Marble and Limestone Sculptures of Susan Falkman.  Sensual linkes flow through color and stone in this unique exhibition pairing the beautiful works by two extraordinary artists whose vision and expression intertwine from wall to pedestal.  Dancing and singing, the interplay of form and light bring to life the realization of the inner voice.  This is an exceptionally gorgeous show not to be missed.

Exhibition through September 6, 2014



233 N. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee, WI 53202
Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11am-5pm; Saturday 11am-4pm

Established in 1988, the Tory Folliard Gallery is Wisconsin’s leading gallery in contemporary art. The gallery specializes in the exhibit and sale of emerging and established artist with an emphasis on Midwest artists. Our mission is to provide museum-quality art to our clients.

Tory Folliard Gallery Exhibit
Exhibit Dates

Rodger Bechtold: The Nature of Things

Over times Bechtold has built a solid reputation for being a major contributor to contemporary landscape painting in the Midwest and beyond.  His work is expressed with energy, painted with seemingly effortless brushwork and charged with color.

Exhibition through February 1, 2014

Charles Munch: New Paintings

For more than forty years, Charles Much has depicted the complex relationship between man and nature with carefully composed deconstructed imagery.  Graphically painted with precise marks, Munch's landscapes continue to question our place in the world.

Exhibition runs February 8 through March 8, 2014

Bill Reid: What Could Bee?

The painted steel sculptures that inhabit the world of Bill Reid are headliners from a fantastic mythology, imparting "Bee's" stories of heroics, tragedy, comedy and drama. 

Exhibition runs February 8 through March 8, 2014

The Figure in Clay

The Figure in Clay examines a range of techniques and expression by an international group of contemporary artists using clay as a medium to interpret the figure as both subject and content.

Exhibition runs March 15 through April 12, 2014

Chris Berti: Concerning Nature

Sculptor Chris Berti is fascinated with the colors of 19th century brick paving stones.  The amazing warmth and variety will be evident in his small scale sculptures incorporating the brick's shape, earth colors, and at times, text of the brick manufacturer with carved imagery.

Exhibition runs March 15 through April 12, 2014

The New Still Life

Contemporary, fresh, traditional and experimental, The New Still Life includes the Midwest's best painters and sculptors.  New work by Stephanie Trenchard, Melanie Parke, Clare Malloy, Lon Michels, Jeffrey Ripple, Dennis Nechvatal, John Sayers, and John Wilde are included in this show.

Exhibition runs April 18 through May 24, 2014

181 N Broadway, First Floor, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Urban Sanctuary Exhibit
Exhibit Dates





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